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Skymomma is a 14-piece collective of multi-instrumentalists and collaborative songwriters. The culmination of contemporary sounds, jazz and orchestral elements, tribal drumming, and latin percussion is what truly makes Skymomma a unique blend of Neo-Soul, Tribal-Funk, and Gypsy-Swing.

Skymomma was formed the summer of 2016 in Austin, TX.

Skymomma's original instrumentation has always been the driving force behind their song writing. They are passionate about their music and the community that supports them. Every person in the crowd and band that we share the stage with has a significant role in Skymomm'a growth and connection to music. 

Skymomma believes in collaborative art. All of our performances includes featured artists with fresh interpretations. Our goal is to empower musicians to expand our ideas and use their personal experiences to enrich the performance. We call our collaborative members SkyFam.

Skymomma is currently working on our first album. Our projected release August 2018.


Brooke Brockman- Vocals

Brian Scartocci- Vocals

Andrew Graham- Keys, Synth & Guitar

Coleman Brown- Bass & Guitar

Derek Hoki- Guitar

Braedon Avants- Drums & Keys

Shelby Avants- Bassoon, Flute & Aux. Percussion

Byron Arocha- Percussion

Ryan Murphy- Clarinet & Aux. Percussion


Juan Ospina- Flute

Alec Cabrera- Percussion

Ian Stewart- Violin & Aux. Percussion

Stephen Capella- Keys & Synth

Music for the Third Ear
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